All taxis are fitted with state of the art GPS Dispatch systems, allowing us to prioritise your trip and allocate it to the closest available taxi. No dead mileage and no waiting around in the rain.

From October 2014 ComCab Liverpool will be using MTData for GPS tracking, taxi despatch and in-vehicle computing solutions.

With solutions built on the latest technology platforms, company owned intellectual property and a focus on the success of customers, MTData is the ideal technology partner for ComCab Liverpool. MTData’s customer focus is visible through the product suite flexibility as well as integration capability. 

MTData prides itself on quality products, ethical people, excellent service, continuous improvement and satisfied customers. MTData has a strong track record in customer support, evolving technologies to the advantage of customers as well as the continued investment into research and development which will ensure ComCab will have an advantage in the taxi market.

For more information on MTData please click HERE.

All taxis are fitted with GPS Despatch systems